Affiliate Member Benefits

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate Members are individuals or firms which, while not licensed to sell or appraise real estate, have an interest in acquiring information concerning real estate, provide services in the real estate industry, and who support the Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS®.

Real estate transactions require the cooperation and coordination of many professionals, including REALTORS® who represent the buyers and sellers, and Affiliates who facilitate the process. The best REALTOR®-Affiliate partnerships are based on mutual respect, open communication, and an understanding of one another’s role.

Becoming an Affiliate member is an excellent first-step in forming prosperous partnerships for a successful career. Any individual or company engaged in a business related to the real estate industry, or serving the professional needs of real estate practitioners, may apply for GGAR Affiliate Membership.

Affiliate Member Benefits

With approximately 3,200 members, GGAR offers its affiliate members a broad range of networking opportunities to promote their company’s brand and message to real estate professionals in the Greater Greenville Area.

Affiliates are encouraged to attend all general membership meetings and social events. This provides the opportunity for Affiliates to network with REALTORS®. The more the REALTORS® see you representing your company, the more comfortable they will feel when gathering information on products and services you provide. Establishing a working relationship often starts with the connection Affiliates can make by being the member present at the meeting/event answering the questions. In turn, this connection can provide the Affiliate not only the support and promotion from a REALTOR® but leads and referrals as well.