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Online Continuing Education Courses available from REcampus™

The following courses are offered for continuing education credit and are approved by both IDECC and LLR.

  • 2016-2018 SC Core Course: TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures ($50 - DEC 2688 - 4 Hours Core Credit)
  • Everyday Ethics in Real Estate ($50 - DEE 6519 - 6 Hours Elective Credit and 2.5 Hours Code of Ethics Credit)
  • Foreclosures, Short Sales, REO's, and Auctions ($50 - DEE 2352 - 4 Hours Elective Credit)
  • Buyer Representation in Real Estate ($50 - DEE 2008 - 4 Hours Elective Credit)
  • Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales ($60 - DEE 2001 - 6 Hours Elective Credit)
  • Risk Management ($60 - DEE 2003 - 6 Hours Elective Credit)

In addition, we have assigned an instructor to provide you assistance with questions or comment throughout the program.

If you have questions about course content, please contact the course instructor by email at or by phone at (843) 602-5800.  The instructor will contact you without delay to address your question or concern.

The instructor will contact you upon your enrollment to provide a course overview and to confirm that she is available to provide any assistance you need.

The following policies and procedures apply to any continuing education course: 

  1. Fees:  The course fee is paid at registration and is non-refundable once the student begins the program. 
  2. Certificate:  A continuing education certificate will be mailed to each student upon course completion.  Your completion information will also be retained at GGAR. 
  3. Attendance Policy:  The registering student is required to complete the course in its entirety and will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he or she did so.

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If you agree to the above policies and procedures, click here to register:  I Agree