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Pre-licensing Education

Pre-Licensing Courses available from REcampus™

The following course is offered for qualifying education credit and is approved by IDECC and by South Carolina LLR – Real Estate Commission for pre-license qualifying education credit. In addition, we have assigned an instructor to provide you assistance with questions or comments throughout the program.

  • SC Principles – Unit 1 Pre-Licensing (60 Hours Pre-Licensing Credit)

If you have questions about course content, please contact the course instructor by email at or by phone at 843-602-5800. The instructor will contact you without delay to address your question or concern.

The instructor will contact you upon your enrollment to provide a course overview and to confirm that she is available to provide any assistance you need.

Policies and Procedures for Unit 1 Online Courses

  • Our online Unit 1 course is available for registration 24/7 at the following link

  • At registration, you will set up your personal username and password, allowing you to take the course at your leisure. Just log out when you leave the course and the system will remember where you were when you last accessed the course.
  • We recommend that you set a specific time and place to study each day until the 60 hour course is complete.
  • The instructor assigned for your course will be in touch with you at registration and accessible throughout your course from links embedded on each page, by email, and by phone.
  • The course is delivered through a learning management system that is accessible for both PCs and MACs, and is compatible with iPad and Android tablets. A high speed internet connection is required for maximization of course features.
  • You have six months from registration to complete the course and take the final course exam.  No refund will be given once you begin the course.  The final exam is proctored and can be taken at several locations. We will make those arrangements for you as part of our service delivery package. If you do not pass the exam, you can re-take after course review and practice exams.
  • Once you pass the final course exam, a certificate of completion will be handed to you or mailed to your home address, and we will email a copy to your email address as well.
  • You must send the original certificate to the SC Real Estate Commission in order for them to schedule your PSI exam, which qualifies you for licensure.
  • Please understand that the SC Real Estate Commission will require a criminal background check to be submitted along with the exam application. Failure to pass the background check may result in the Real Estate Commission denying you the right to sit for the exam. That decision is totally at the discretion of the Real Estate Commission. Denial of examination will not result in a refund for the class taken.
  • By clicking on “I Agree” at the bottom of this page, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the Policies and Procedures for Online Unit 1 and that you are accepting these terms and conditions.